ROADMARK - Novel Mineral Material for Road marking 

ROADMARK project is the result of a joint initiative of a core group of European SMEs with the main aim to develop a new and high-performance material for road marking, with enhanced durability, visibility and anti-skid properties, lower maintenance costs and overall improved cost-efficiency. This product will give Public Infrastructure Bodies an inexpensive tool to enhance road safety in a period of drastic reductions on infrastructure budgets across Europe.

ROADMARK project is funding by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION. 7 th Framework Programme for Research. Call FP7-SME-2013. Funding Scheme: BSG-SME (Research for SMEs). Proposal number: 605847

Road accidents imply dramatic personal and social consequences. In 2011 it is estimated more than 30,000 people died on the roads of the European Union, and for every death on Europe's roads there are an estimated 4 permanently disabling injuries such as damage to the brain or spinal cord, 8 serious injuries and 50 minor injuries. These figures also bring about huge economic cost estimated on about 1,5-2% of gross domestic product in Europe.

Different combined factors are normally behind each road accident. However, recent in-depth studies reveal that poor road marking affecting visibility and adherence are among the important factors of traffic deaths. Until now, the road marker most common is road paint. These paints have been developed from different plastic materials such as thermoplastics, epoxy resins and the like. These paints present a lack of mechanical resistance to traffic load, in addition, and due to the chemical composition of the paints, the road marks are easily get dirty when raining, compromising its visibility and the safety of drivers.

ROADMARK is focused on the development of a novel inexpensive cementitious material for long-lasting and anti-sliding road marking. The final film will have improved features such as anti-skid, more durable, waterproofing and self-cleaning properties. The mineral compositions will allow getting an improved adhesion between the asphalt and the paint that improved the durability of the paint.

Since market penetration for ROADMARK is forecasted to be about 14% after 5 years, the estimated saved cost could be calculated on €24Bn resulting calculated from forecasted penetration rate by year. These savings could be easily view by saved lives, about 10,100 lives and 200,000 people will be saved from being seriously damaged on traffic accidents.

 ROADMARK is focused on the development of a novel inexpensive cementitious material for long-lasting and anti-sliding road marking.