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Progreso y Avance en la Construcción S.L. (PAC) - Spain 

Progreso y Avance Para la construcción S.L. (PAC) has been working since the year 2000 on developing and commercializing new construction materials to achieve quality, insulation, attractive appearance and competitiveness. PAC is devoted to development and commercialization of new materials in the construction field especially new environmentally friendly materials that generate less waste, consume less energy in the production process, and generate less carbon dioxide throughout its life cycle. The research projects undertaken by PAC relate to three industrial sectors: (i) The chemical/paints sector: Paint for Road Safety markings; (ii); The construction sector: surface treatments for Façades; (iii) The ceramic sector: Ceramic Paving. PAC has production facilities in Paterna (Valencia) and Caudete (Albacete) and their products are exclusive since they do not manufacture for other brands.