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Fundación Innovación e Investigación para el Desarrollo Social, (FIIDS) - Spain

The Fundación Investigación e Innovación para el Desarrollo Social was created to make available its work and scientific knowledge with innovative technical projects and transfers them to third parties. Main objectives of Fundación are to provide of technological advances in order to allow society to develop in a better way; transfer of technology from knowledge producing countries to other countries permits sustainable development and Social development should go forward at a global level to avoid its polarisation.

The expertise of FIIDS on cement and concrete materials is borne out by the different patents applications. Recent development belong to the use and manufacture of cement brick, manufacture of bricks, tiles, plaster, tiling, use of epoxy resin and mica for application in surfaces such as acoustic insulation, waterproofing and electric insulation; development of composition of mica and white cement, intended as stucco for surfaces as thermal and acoustic insulator; development of compositions of calcium hydroxide, mica and glass powder or silica, development of compositions of cement, marble and mica for using as feedstock in the manufacture of bricks, tiles and other building elements (please see main publicactions).