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 Chemcolor  Sevnica D.o.o, (CHEM) - Slovenia

CHEMCOLOR SEVNICA D.O.O. is a family company, whose philosophy is quality, competition and speed. They began with the production of paints and coatings back in 1980. Currently they produce more than 100 products for different substrates – wood, metal and concrete. From regular coatings to whole portfolio of nanotechnology based protective films in thickness of few 100 nanometers for protection of mineral surfaces, textile, wood and glass. All products are our own development. We are able to develop “tailor-made” products for our customers that fulfil their special needs.

Their products - all types of wood paint coatings, anticorrosive coatings, top enamels for agriculture mechanization and domestic use, coatings for corrugated asbestos cement sheets - were sold very well on the former Yugoslav market up to the fall of the country. Today there are 100 products in their sales; from these they have 60 own products and their focus markets now are in Slovenia, in the areas of former Yugoslavia and in Eastern Europe.