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Centro de Nanotecnologia e Materiais Técnicos, Funcionais e Inteligentes - Portugal  

CeNTI is a distinct European Research and development Centre, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and conducting world-class research and development. CeNTI provides, in a business to business approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative smart materials and devices. Currently, CeNTI has more than 40 industry driven ongoing projects, counting with 40 R&D staff, in 2000 m2 labs and process facilities. CeNTI’s have R&D services in several areas, namely: Bi/Tricomponent fibres, Hotmelt and functional coatings & plasma treatments; polymeric formulations and synthesis; UV curing; Thin films; Sensors/actuators & other electronic devices; Organic Photovoltaics, Lighting (OLEDs & Electroluminescent) & Electrochromic devices; Thermal manikins & testing; Numerical simulation studies; and thermal, chemical, electrical & morphological characterization.

CeNTI has several ongoing European projects, being a member of the Energy Efficient Building European Initiative (E2B EI).