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 Asociación Industrial de Óptica, Color e Imagen (AIDO) - Spain

AIDO is a private, non-profit association that started its activity in 1988. Its main purpose is to encourage the research and the latest technological development of the industries within the fields of Optics, to improve the quality of production and the production processes. AIDO has a wide experience in the development of new coatings, characterization of mechanical, optical and physical properties, and the evaluation of CE technical requirements for there. We have developed different algorithms for the design and recipe of inks and paints. That is to say, we have optimized different techniques that help at the industrial technical people to predict the recipe of an ink or paint, in order to obtain a product with properties previously established. This task has been developed from different approaches, mainly through the study and validation of Kubelka-Munk predictive models (based on the development of “correlation formulas” between absorption and reflection coefficients and concentration of possible raw materials).