The ROADMARK proposers have come together for the first time in a trans-national manner to build an integrated and committed partnership. We think that this consortium will provide a very good combination of technological and scientific skills to deliver the project ROADMARK. The formed supply chain will have the capacity to exploit the results of the project.


    ·     PAC (Spain): as manufacturer in construction materials, it holds the final position in the         supply chain acting as final integrator of the developed technology, in close contact                    with local authorities (They has contacts in the local and National authorities, so they                have the process knowledge of the outsourcing providers, road maintenance).

    ·     IMPERIO (PT): will have a relevant position in the supply chain as manufacturer and                 distributor of cements and additives for constructional materials.

    ·     MOBI (Israel): specialist in the field of polymeric materials, coatings, lacquers and                     electroluminescent pastes. MOBI has services to industries and academies in all Europe.             It has knowledge in tailor made formulations and compositions that fit advanced                         technologies.

The consortium also counts with two end users ensuring both the impact of ROADMARK and the technical validation of the product:

·     SETAS (Turkey): was recruited as a manufacturer of coatings due to its close contact             with public and private building industries, and will ensure that ROADMARK meets our     client technical requirements in Easten Europe.

·     CHEM (Slovenia): as a manufacturer of paints and coatings for broad industrial                     applications, it will represent the needs of our clients in Central Europe.

The consortium will be completed with the participation of three RTDs: FIIDS, AIDO and CENTI. They will offer their wide expertise in research issues involved in the project to the SMEs group in a back to back work where both parts (SMEs and RTDs) will work to develop innovative products and to insure the best integration and commercialization of the final result of the project.